Christmas Eve Box

Its the night before Christmas and Santa's in flight,
So open your Christmas eve box and share the delight!

Welcome to our website for 2016. We provide a variety of Christmas Eve Boxes catered towards children and adults.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve Boxes have picked up popularity in the last couple of years for being an enjoyable way to start spreading the Christmas magic. Children are always fascinated by the seasonal period and await the arrival of Santa Claus, with his sack full of presents. Recently, society has lost it's way with the spirit of Christmas Eve, so the Elves from the North Pole have made a clever invention to combat this. They call it the Christmas Eve Box. It is a shoe box/care package, full of treats to enjoy on Christmas Eve and a sign that Santa is on his way.

Created for children and adults, our Christmas Eve Boxes are available to order online, direct through this website by visiting the Shop page. When checking out, if you have any special requests, you can pop them in the message box and the Elves will do their best to cater for your requests. Inside a typical Christmas Eve box, you will receive as standard: Pyjamas; Christmas DVD; Letter from Santa, as well as plenty of 'sweet' treats.

Why Should you Buy with Christmas Eve Boxes?

We have a direct agreement with the North Pole Elves - the same ones who process the items on your list that you send to Santa. So its fair to say they know a lot about you and a lot about children in general, so will fill your Christmas Eve Box with love and a unique touch. They also go out of their way to ask Santa for a special letter. Santa, as you can imagine, is very busy at this time of year, so to get a reply from him is quite rare. This will be arranged for you.

Christmas Eve Box ElvesBack in the UK, we are a family-run business with two little girls, currently 5 and 1. Therefore, we know how rewarding it is for us, the parents, to see the joy and happiness of our Children during the Christmas period, especially Christmas Day. We started giving them a Christmas Eve Box each last year and it was a brilliant way to connect with them. We're hoping by offering this as a service, that it spreads the joy. Each Christmas Eve Box is created by hand, with careful consideration taken to our customers' needs. We have completed plenty of market research and taken the views expressed by hundreds' of parents and Children as to what they would like to see in a box. If you have any further suggestions, we'd love to hear them! You can pop us a message via our Contact Page or connect with us over social media.

The social media pages for Christmas Eve Boxes are active around the festive period and our amazing support has seen us reach over 5,000 likes on Facebook in the first year of starting. We hope this doubles by Christmas 2015 and would really appreciate your support in getting there. Please like our Facebook page - Click Here.

We are a leading organization for this niche and hope that our beautiful eCommerce website, powerful Google ranking, customer reviews and Facebook Audience is enough influence for you to purchase with confidence. Not a single Christmas Eve Box was sent back last year, nor complained about. Of course, sometimes things go wrong, especially when using Courier services. So in the rare event that you are not happy with your order, you can also contact us and we'll be more than happy to rectify that. We also have a blog attached to our website. This will hopefully be used throughout the year. We want to provide child/family related posts that may interest you. On the blog page is an option to sign up for the newsletter.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website. We have tried to make it as simple as possible. You can purchase your Christmas Eve Box / Christmas Eve Boxes by visiting the shop page. Add the product(s) of your choice to the basket. Then you will be able to complete the checkout process.