Elf For Christmas – Girl Elf & Magical Reward Kit

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Directly from the North Pole, the Christmas Elf Girl & Magical Reward Kit will bring fun & magic to homes & classrooms this December.

A friendly face, a festive outfit, long legs & mischievously long arms – the Limited Edition Christmas Elf is perfectly designed for fun & games! The girl Elf finds it easy get up to mischief (the arms are long enough to reach around things & her hands velcro together!) With a cute little face & dinky dungarees, we know Elf will be loved.

Where the magic really happens is in the Magical Reward Kit – a unique & magical package to promote good behaviour. Designed for families with up to two siblings, all of the items in the kit can be shared & has included two Letters to Santa & two Nice List Certificates, so you can personalise these to each child.

Larger families, or anyone wanting a full kit per child, will need to order an additional unit. The Magical Reward Kit is full of fun to help you bring the magic of a Christmas Elf to life!

The unique kit includes:

  • Girl Christmas Elf Toy – A limited edition Christmas Elf toy, aprox 28cm tall.
  • An Arrival Letter from Santa – straight from the North Pole, explaining why Elf is here (designed so you can personalise it with your child’s name).
  • Mini Elf Report cards – report cards for good behaviour. Also includes two Naughty List warning cards, just incase you need them. Use these as you see fit.
  • 2 x Letter to Santa templates – have some fun writing to the Big Man himself with this official North Pole Correspondence. Also includes a space for drawing Santa a picture too.
  • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates – with space to personalise the certificate with your child’s name & a description of exactly what they have achieved.
  • Christmas Reward Chart & a sheet of Elf Stickers – Personalise the chart with your child’s name & choose tasks you would like them to try. Ideal for household chores, tidying, reading, kindness or potty training. A fun way to reward good behaviour every day.
  • Beware of the Elf Sign & Santa Please Stop Here Sign – Just a bit of fun for your door – to warn guests you have a Mischievous House Elf!
  • Departure Letter – from Elf, thanking you for your hospitality. Perfect to leave out on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning when Elf has departed.
  • A Thank You postcard – you can send to your children, from Elf, in January to thank them for looking after Elf. A lovely magical reminder of the fun they have had!


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