Wooden Christmas Eve Box

A Wooden Christmas Eve Box is a fantastic choice to enhance your experience and provide you with a solid, re-usable and premium product, for years to come.

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Wooden Christmas Eve Box

Due to popular demand, we are now offering a selection of three unique Wooden Christmas Eve Box styles. You can purchase these either with our refill packs, or purchase them as Empty Christmas Eve Boxes. Our small Wooden Christmas Eve Box is perfect to fill with a few essentials. Examples are hot chocolate, Letter from Santa and a Teddy.

Our Medium Wooden Christmas Eve Box is our most popular product and can fit one of our classic refill packs within the box. These are the perfect choice if you want to give your child a variety of treats on Christmas Eve, such as Pyjamas, Christmas-themed book and chocolate.

The large box offers more storage as it has a larger depth. You can store a standard refill pack in here, or multiple. In addition, the multiple option is a good idea for larger families. You can choose to have your family surname engraved onto the box.

Empty Christmas Eve Boxes

Some family members and friends like to create their own filled box. Because of this, we are offering the option of purchasing Empty Christmas Eve Boxes. They are great value for money and also have key characteristics.
– HD Laser Engraving. A cut above our competitors, these are high quality engraving finishes. The Santa Stamp is very detailed and enhances the characteristics of the box. We are proud of this most of all.
– Hand Crafted Boxes. These Wooden Christmas Eve Boxes have been created by hand. Then, we sand and finish the wood ourselves for a high quality finish.

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