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Letters From Santa

Letters from Santa is a new service we are providing for 2016. Use our website to create a personalised Santa letter, make your payment, sit back and wait for the letter to arrive. its that simple!

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Letters From Santa

Your children will always enjoy letters from Santa at a young age and they have plenty of benefits:-

Kick-starts the countdown to Christmas and gets your child excited.
Letters from Santa always go down a treat with the younger audience. To know that Santa has taken time out to write them a letter makes them feel very special. Also knowing that Santa will be arriving shortly is very exciting!

Praises your child for achieving/accomplishing something.
Because a section of the form allows you to tell us something that the Child has achieved this year, it highlights that Santa has been watching and is aware of their good work, resulting in them feel very rewarded.

Tells a short story, sure to make your Child laugh!
Because the Elves are fantastic creative writers, each letter tells a short story and if you’re ordering multiple letters for one household, we’ll ensure different letters from Santa are sent out.

Personalised to your Child, using the form on our product page.
We ask you for different variables; such as age, achievements, best friends/sibling names. The result is a letter which is unique for each child and personal to their lives.

Sent directly to the Child, making it very exciting to receive something through the post!
The letterbox is usually reserved for Mummy and Daddys bills and junk letters, so imagine their eyes light up when a bright red envelope, with their name printed on it, arrives.

Envelope & letter beautifully illustrated.
The letters tell a funny a story through their literation, but they also tell the story through the illustration, too. They arrive in an A5 red envelope, marked with a letters from Santa seal of approval, childs name and address.

Letters From Santa

Customers can buy their Letters From Santa from our webshop, here at Christmas Eve Boxes.


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