Tip – Colour Coding a Clock

We are in the thick of the summer months now. June 21st was the longest day of the year. So whilst technically we are starting to see our days getting gradually shorter, sunrise is still at ridiculous o’clock!

Anyone with children will know that as soon as a child spots daylight, they automatically assume its the start of the day. They will leap out of bed and jump onto you at 5am, which I’m sure many will not appreciate! One solution to this would be to get black-out blinds, but not everyone wants to spend money on getting good-quality black-out blinds which will do the job required.

Colour Coding a ClockI came across a brilliant little tip on Facebook earlier and had to share it with everyone. If you colour code certain parts of a clock, you can teach your child about routines and it also acts as a way for your child to understand and start telling time.

The one attached to the right is how I would have my clock set up. So:-

5am – 6am: Red Zone – They have to stay in bed.
6am – 7am: Yellow Zone – They can get out of bed but they must play quietly until it’s green.
7am – 8am: Green Zone – They can start their day.

Cheap clocks can be picked up for approximately £2 each and you can pop the plastic glass off to get to the cardboard with the numbers on. Then you can simply colour in the zones like a pie chart.

We are definitely going to try this little tip. Our little girl is 5 years old; we often have arguments with her when trying to explain that it isn’t time to get up yet!

Do you think this is a good idea? What times would you say are acceptable for a child to get up? We’d love to hear your opinions, either by commenting on this blog post or getting in touch over social media.

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