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Blog | Christmas Eve Boxes

It’s crazy to think that some of us are in Christmas mode as we sunbathe in this glorious weather we’ve been enjoying this year. However, we have been busy preparing our 2016 collection after receiving a lot of enquiries and a few orders placed already! We now feel it is the right time to tell […]

For the next few weeks, we are bringing you recipes for your favourite festive treats. Any suggestions? Get in touch with us on Facebook! This week we are featuring these very cute melting snowman biscuits. Get the kids in the kitchen and let them unleash their creative sides. They are easy to make and extremely […]

Have you seen the advert for John Lewis yet? If not, here is below (warning, it has caused a few people to shed a tear)!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuz2ILq4UeA I have also heard that Starbucks and Costa are starting to roll out their festive drinks. Are you starting to get into the holiday spirit?

Our five year old is now in her second full year at school – year 1. Shes already commenting on how different it is compared to Reception last year, where they learnt through play. Now it is more structured and she is already coming home discussing where we live and asking questions about Volcanoes. Children […]

We are in the thick of the summer months now. June 21st was the longest day of the year. So whilst technically we are starting to see our days getting gradually shorter, sunrise is still at ridiculous o’clock! Anyone with children will know that as soon as a child spots daylight, they automatically assume its […]

Welcome to our lovely new website! We’ll be bringing lots of blog posts relating to little ones and festive holidays throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled!