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About | Christmas Eve Boxes

I would like to personally welcome you to Christmas Eve Boxes!

Myself and my partner started creating a personalised Christmas Eve Box for our (then) only child, for Christmas 2013. Our daughter absolutely loved the novelty of receiving a gift from the Elves of the North Pole and it really kick-started the excitement of Santa’s arrival that evening. She had a busy, fun-filled Christmas Eve at Childrens amusement park Sundown Adventureland (based in Nottinghamshire). When we got home, she just wanted to relax and wind down. The box we prepared for her did just that. It contained fresh pyjamas, a DVD for her to watch and some hot chocolate, as well as other novelties.

We had a new arrival to the family in 2014. It was our second daughter Madeleines’ first Christmas. We searched on the internet to see if we could find a Christmas Eve Box gift company. Whilst we noticed the Christmas Eve Boxes trend had significantly picked up, there were no companies that stuck out. We saw an opportunity then to start our own company, to supply these gifts to people who would expect the same level of quality that we would.

We could never have anticipated the level of success we received in December 2014! We resorted to asking our lovely family members and friends for help to fulfill orders and ended up needing to place a cap on orders.

Fast forward to 2015 and we come well equipped with a new website, another years’ experience under our belt and plenty of keen workers, ready to pack and ship orders for the Christmas period. Although we would love to make our daughters the head elves of the company, we don’t want to spoil the surprise for them!

We believe we are a strong leader in this niche field and want to continue being just that. We hope that we can portray the levels of affection we have for our daughters in your Christmas Eve Box. Every one is hand made and shipped out during December.

– Amy Rowell (Founder)